The Self-Talk Mugs Story

Words have power, so speak kindly to yourself 💚 #MySelfTalkMatters

Greetings I'm Susan Jackson the owner of Self-Talk Mugs. I am a Mental Health Warrior; that is a person living with a Mental Health Illness trying to break the stigma around Mental Health Illness. I created Self-Talk Mugs is a Mental Health Awareness online store page to promote Positive Self-Talk.

Positive Self-Talk is a fundamental pillar of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Of all my treatments, I can honestly say CBT has had the most positive impact on navigating life with a Mental Health Illness.

These CBT-inspired Affirmation Mugs serve as a daily reminder to practice positive self-talk. The goal is to foster self-compassion, practice gratitude daily, and grant ourselves permission for guilt-free self-care to promote unconditional self-love.

Thank you for your support. A portion of all sales is donated to Mental Health Research on an annual basis. Feel free to follow my business page on IG @selftalkmugs for inspirational quotes and mental health hygiene posts.